Should You Opt for Cash Games or Tournaments in Online Rummy?

With the increasing popularity of online Rummy, creative additions have been made to increase engagement. There are numerous options for how you want to play the game like practice, casual, AI-partnered, Cash and Tournament.

All of these options have unique attributes and varied benefits and challenges. When you download the Rummy app of your choice, you will see all these options.

However, it can be a difficult choice to choose among cash games and tournaments. In this blog, we will discuss which one is the best choice for you. Let us compare the two and find out.

Rummy Cash Games

Cash games are open-ended forms of Rummy gameplay that are played for monetary benefits. The players join the virtual table with real money stakes and the freedom to enter or exit the game whenever they want.

Rummy Tournaments

Tournaments, on the other hand, are events arranged by the digital application, where players compete against each other to win rewards. These tournaments are like competitions, predetermined and arranged beforehand.

What to Pick?: Rummy Tournaments vs Cash Game

●        Risk Tolerances

You must calculate your monetary risk tolerance before entering any of these games.

However, you must be extra careful when entering cash games. Even if cash games have the potential to offer steady rewards, they are risky.

If you choose tournaments, you only have to pay the entrance or subscription fees. If you win the tournament, you win rewards.

If your risk tolerance is high, you can dabble into cash games and learn more!

●        Time Table

How is your schedule? If you are completely busy at all times and rarely get some free time, cash games are the deal for you. These games are not played on schedules and are extremely flexible.

You can choose Rummy tournaments if you have a lot of free time. Since the timetable of these tournaments is predetermined, you have to schedule accordingly.

●        Skillset

Tournaments tend to cater to players with different skill levels. There are tournaments for entry-level players, practicing folks and seasoned professionals. You can choose the level that suits you the most.

If you have the skills and have some amount of disposable income you can try out cash games. With strategy and skills, you can earn a lot of rewards from the games.

●        Perseverance

You need perseverance to sustain the repetitive nature of tournaments. You need to be calm, focused and patient while playing these tournament matches, regardless of what is happening in your life at that moment. If you can manage that, you can definitely pick Rummy tournaments.

If you like shorter rounds and do not like long, drawn-out matches, you can try cash games. Even if they need the same levels of patience, you don’t have to sustain the patience and pressure at uncertain times. You can simply choose to opt out when this happens.


Are you a person who has got all that is required for tournaments or cash games? If you find yourself at a crossroads with the two, there’s no harm in trying out for both and seeing what fits your playstyle the best.

Only you have the answer to what format appeals to you the most apart from the abovementioned factors. So, download your rummy app today to get started on this exciting journey!